Homeschool Hands

homeschool hands

Here at Homeschool Hands, we provide resources to those who are transitioning from traditional schooling to homeschooling. We want to help out parents and students in every way we can, thus we will be happy to link parents and students to things such as programs, groups, and resources that we think will benefit them the most.

We also advocate for laws that will expand educational freedom to those in the homeschool sector. There are many laws out there that are especially beneficial to those who are homeschooling, and we believe that no child should be restricted to just attending school through traditional means (i.e. public schools).

Please feel free to look around at our website, find out what we do and how we operate, and if you feel it necessary, please help us out by joining us through volunteering!


Thank you,

De'Andre Jones

Founder, Homeschool Hands

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